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 Our program for our smallest members, our two's, offers a safe, secure,  and nurturing environment, where children are given the attention they need to get accustomed to the preschool setting. For our youngest members, there are two teachers to ensure that there is always extra assistance in the classroom. Children learn about the daily routines and schedule, as well as start participating in circle time. During circle time, children get to learn about their colors, numbers, letters, as well as be exposed to age-appropriate literature to build language and communication. Children receive a well balanced program where there is structure between educational activities and play. Our two year olds learn to be independent with the help of our teachers and learn to explore the world around them through their senses. In our two's classroom, teachers also work closely with parents to develop a potty-training routine that works best with the child. Children learn how to manipulate with age appropriate toys and puzzles, sensory bins, and building blocks. The key to this age group is also expanding their socialization skills. Your children will have a wonderful time playing, exploring, manipulating, problem-solving, communicating, singing, dancing, engaging in dramatic play, listening to stories, all while not realizing they are learning!