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Parent Testimonials

​​My 3-year-old daughter has been attending Children's Corner since the beginning of the year, and she loves it! She's always excited to come to school in the morning, and she loves all her teachers. I love that the teachers email lesson plans at the beginning of the week, and that the teachers can give you feedback at the end of the day about how your child is doing! 
And I personally love this school because I was able to pick a schedule that worked for our family. (My daughter attends 3 days a week, for half-days.) This flexibility really helps us out. - Hannah C.

 Children's Corner is a marvelous preschool. We live in the neighborhood and my son has been attending for 5 months. I'm committed to the school and would be happy to have him stay until he graduates. The entire staff has been welcoming, warm and always acts in the best interests of all of their students. Beyond that, I see my son having a genuinely great time and love watching him grow with the school and his classmates. He literally sings his lessons at home all the time. ALL THE TIME. 
I highly highly recommend Children's Corner and I'm grateful to be part of its community. -Christopher D.

If you're looking for a good pre school, I would definitely suggest Children's corner.  It is diverse and very well kept.  It is very reasonably priced compared to other preschools.  The teachers and the staff are very nice and helpful.  My husband and I love our sons teacher.  She does a great job with her class.  She sends us daily emails of what they are learning as well as a few pictures/videos.  Our son has learned so much and made a lot of friends.  We've had a great experience there. - Aphina L.

We have been with Children's Corner for over a year now and my son thrives there! He loves school, his teachers, his friends, and all of the activities they provide. They also provide healthy and delicious on site cooked meals for the children's snack and lunch every day. We love this school and couldn't be happier with how they treat our child and us like a family. The teachers and staff are amazing and we recommend this school to anyone with young children looking for a great start on their education! - Lindsay O.

​  My daughter has been going to this school for just over a year now and I have to say this is a top notch preschool. The entire staff is really friendly and really knows how to handle kids. My daughter always has stories about the fun creative things they did at school. She gets great fresh meals (often will eat stuff at school that she will not eat with me at home. The cooking is so good). The best part is that I feel my daughter is really learning important things in a fun environment. I'm glad I found Children's Corner Preschool and Kindergarten. -Joe D. 

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