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​Our Philosophy

Children’s Corner Preschool and Kindergarten has been serving the community of Van Nuys for over 20 years. “We emphasize the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of each child.”  Our child development program focuses on providing children a play-based environment through which learning and socialization takes place. We also aim to provide our children with an academic focus, which includes reading literature, letter recognition, shapes, colors, and numbers so that they are prepared for Kindergarten.  The philosophy of our program is based on the belief that parents and teachers work together as a supportive team and are primary agents in motivating children to develop. At Children’s Corner Preschool, we believe that the partnership between the teachers, parents, staff, and administration is an essential ingredient in the quality of our school. Open discussion and visitation is always encouraged and welcomed.

​We meet the needs of multicultural and multi-racial backgrounds of our community and believe in exposing our children to all different cultures and celebrations. We provide children a variety of age-appropriate play activities, and academic experiences in a comfortable and non-competitive environment. The curriculum goals of our program are focused around developmental principles of play, as well as exposing children to the fundamental skills that are needed in preparation for Kindergarten. The social interaction that occurs through play is the child’s prime educator. We place great emphasis on developing social skills among the children where a lot of dialogue occurs. With the assistance of the teacher, children learn to resolve their conflicts verbally. Through a curriculum based upon weekly themes, current events, and cultural and environmental awareness, we accomplish these goals. We believe that early positive experiences in a quality child-care setting where children feel safe and nurtured can prepare children for life experiences beyond the formative years. This can be best accomplished in an environment in which the adults promote self-expression and creativity, but also pay attention to the importance of self-control and mutual respect. The educational program at our school encourages children to make choices, take responsibility for their choices, and self-discipline. In an atmosphere of trust and respect, each child finds opportunities to realize his/her own self-worth.