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Dance Classes

Classes begin with warm up and stretching exercises. Children are then taught creative movement and dance techniques across the floor. They are also introduced to beginning tap skills. Students will dance to their favorite songs while using fun props…Maracas, Tambourines, Pompoms, Leis, Streamers, and Fans. 

With over 300 dances in our curriculum, students are regularly introduced to new routines.

​​​​​Children's Corner Preschool 

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At Children's Corner Preschool, we believe children learn best through music, songs, poems, playing, and when they are having fun! We offer music class to all our students on Mondays, and is this is included as part of our day at no additional cost. We have a music teacher, Ms. Alli, who brings music to our kids on a weekly basis. We believe that an appreciation for music and the arts, helps develop the whole child and helps contribute to a rich sensory environment. 

We offer various enrichment classes throughout the year with pre-negotiated low rates for our school with vendors who are experienced and have quite a reputation. Please read below for some of our sample classes that are offered. Music is offered once a week as part of our instructional program.